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A quick review of the services that Dish Network TV has to offer at their prices will show you why Dish Network is considered the best satellite TV provider right now. If you are unhappy with your current provider or are even looking for a satellite TV provider for the first time, Dish Network can satisfy all of your satellite TV desires. Purchase the Home Satellite TV Installation and Troubleshooting Manual. Here is a list of the services they provide for their customers: - 24/7 customer service, absolutely free, by phone, live chat, or email. - 112 music channels including 60 Sirius XM satellite radio channels where you can find every possible genre of music. - over 20,000 movies for streaming to cell phones, computers, TVs, and computers. - 75 pay-per-view sporting events, movies, concerts, and special events every month, which is more than most other satellite TV providers have to offer. - over 200 HD channels, including your local channels. - 28 foreign channels including German, Arabic, Vietnamese, Israeli, African, French, South Asian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Filipino, and Japanese. You also get access to the Hopper DVR, the current leader in satellite TV DVRs. Here are some of the many things that the Hopper can do for you and your family: - record 5 programs simultaneously, while you are watching another program live. - record and store 2,000 hours of programs - watch recorded programs from your mobile device - pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV The savings you can get by switching to Dish Network are phenomenal. When switching from cable TV, you can save approximately $240 each year. And when switching from the same amount of channels with DirecTV, you can save about $130. Plus, Dish Network provides installation services as well as all the installation equipment (the dish, the receiver, and the remotes) absolutely free, so there are no huge installation charges to worry about. Dish Network also offers a wide variety of packages, so you can find one that fits your needs your budget, starting with packages that are under $20 a month. The best package you can get which includes 320 satellite TV channels, 60 Sirius satellite TV radio channels, 35 music channels, and three free months of Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and Starz. This package is $89.99 a month. Most people choose the America’s Top 120 package, which is $29.99 a month and has wide variety of shows with their 190 satellite TV channels as well as some music channels, and it also includes three free months of Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and Starz. If you are looking for a satellite TV provider that has been ranked number one in customer satisfaction and who also provides you with more pay-per-view channels, a greater variety of satellite TV programs, video streaming, the largest number of satellite TV channels, and more HD channels than any other satellite TV or cable TV company, and all at affordable prices, then look no further than Dish Network TV.
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