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Cable TV vs. DirecTV

The cable television companies and DIRECTV are involved in a bit of a war for your hard-earned dollars. This has resulted in better prices for you as well as enhanced service. Where can you find the best prices for these services? Understanding Fees The fees for cable TV service vary depending upon location. The average nationwide is about $39.95 for around 64 channels. If you were to add in other services like digital HD, you might bump this bill up another 10 dollars or so. These rates will vary by a few dollars in various locations. For DIRECTV service their most popular package will run you around $29.99 which gives you 205 channels as well as 59 satellite radio channels. All of this satellite content is broadcast in digital and high definition format.. DIRECTV and Cable TV Programming The 285 satellite TV channels of DIRECTV is beyond the capabilities of most cable systems. You get a lot of extras too per month such as 70 satellite radio channels, 31 movie channels, 14 international channels, 60 pay-per-view movie channels, and a package of 10 sports channels. All packages include your local channels. Cable TV Equipment and DIRECTV You get a cable box with cable TV, but a digital video recorder or DVR has to be paid for. You get a free TV satellite dish with DIRECTV as well as a receiver system for four-rooms. For free you can also get a high definition HD receiver as well as a DVR. Cable and DIRECTV Installation Cable installation will vary depending upon where you live. An average installation might cost around $40 for one room and about $10 each for additional room. The installation of the DIRECTV satellite dish is free are the receivers. Once the system is installed the technician will show you how to use the system and answer all your questions. Reliability of Cable TV and DIRECTV Cable TV suffers outages around 3-5% each year. If there’s a problem you usually have to call during business hours which can be an annoyance. The rate of outage for DIRECTV is about 1% and there’s customer service available online 24/7, every day of the year to help you out.   Conclusion It’s clear to see that DIRECTV is a real winner. You get cheaper subscriptions, more channels, sports, movies, great sound and an excellent picture. You also get very reliable service with DIRECTV.
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