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Which is the Best between Dish Network and

Cable TV?

It is no news that the Dish Network and cable TV compnies are in fierce competition with one another. Each of the TV service providers has been striving to hijack customers from each other. Cable TV providers are losing subscribers while the Dish is gaining customers. There are many reasons responsible for this development. Some of these are discussed as follows: Cable TV versus Dish Network Satellite Subscription and charges The charges and subscription fees of cable TV vary from one location to the another. But the average fee is about $40. In some places, the base fee is $37.30 per month for just 64 channels, and you will pay an extra $10.95 to add a few digital channels. You might be amazed to discover that Dish Network subscriptions starts at just $20 per month. With this pacage you can access 40 satellite TV channel. For just $30 a month you can get access to 230 channels. These channels also include Sirius XM radio channels. Dish Network broadcasts all its channels in digital format and there is no need to pay extra fees to have access to it. The charges and fees of US cable TV have increased at an average of about 22% over the last three years whereas the price and subscription of Dish network per month have not changed. So, Dish Network satellite is cost effective and user friendly than cable TV. Hence, many people have been dumping cables TV for Dish Satellite. Cable TV versus Dish Satellite Equipment Many US cable TV companies would give free cable boxes upon subscription for their service. However, if you are the one that want Digital Video Recorder (DVR) receiver included in your package, you would have to pay for it.   Unlike Cable companies, Dish Satellite would give you free satellite TV dish as well as receiver for four rooms. Not only that, Dish satellite company would also give you DVR receiver free of charge or you stand to get a free High Definition Receiver from  the Satellite Company upon subscription. Installation of Cable TV versus Dish Satellite TV The installation of cable TV varies from one place to another. In the region where I live, the installation costs $39.95 if you are installing in just one room. Every extra room will attract $9.95 installation fees. Dish Satellite, on the other hand, will do the installation of four rooms free of charge. The installation operator would also tutor you how to operate the equipment when the installation is complete. You will be getting so much value for your money. DISH Network Satellite TV versus Cable TV Programming Satellite Dish network TV is also superb in the area of programming. DIRECTV which is the rival of Satellite Dish Network can't compete with 350 channels operate by Dish Satellite Dish network, These 350 outstanding channels include 52 channels dedicated to music alone and 60 radio channels. Dish Satellite Network also has 31 movies channels, 21 international channels, 10 sports packages, and 80 pay-per-view channels. Apparently, Cable TV is trying but they are not yet a real match for the package provided by Dish Satellite networks. Only few channels are available in digital format in cable TV. The entire programming of DISH Satellite Network is in digital format. Hence, Satellite TV has much higher-quality picture and the sound is also superb. Most of the output Satellite TV is programmed in High Definition format DISH Network Satellite TV vs. Cable TV Downtime and Customer Support Cable TV downtime is on the average of 3% to 5% per year, whereas DISH Satellite network has up time of about 99% per year. DISH Satellite Networks has always outrank any cable TV company in J.D at any given time in history. Dish Satellite TV company also has excellent customer support and this has continued to make it the preferred choice of many TV subscribers. Many cable TV clients' support is limited to working hours whereas DISH Network offers unlimited support through their toll free and online customer care which is available at any given time. Bottom Line DISH Network is unbeatable in every aspect and will continue to dominate the TV subscription company for many more years to come. Cable TV companies are not yet a match to Dish Network in terms of programming, infrastructure, equipment and high definition service and excellent customer support.
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